written by Guest Author: Mike Walters

Why Employee Benefits Benefit The Companies That Offer Them

In the current economic climate, it is no surprise that companies and individuals alike are doing everything they can to cut costs. For businesses, this might mean shaving off old perks like Friday bagels or lavish holiday parties. For individuals, it might mean fewer restaurant meals or movie theater tickets. For both, it means making the decision between what is necessary and what is not. But companies should be careful that they put health and wellness programs in the necessary column, and not the disposable one. Although these programs can appear to be costly, they are actually beneficial to both employers and employees alike, improving the work environment and the productivity of a business. Not convinced? Here are three good reasons to include health and wellness programs in your company’s benefits.


Spending the money upfront on wellness programs can lower the amount your company spends on healthcare. Studies have shown that organizations that spend money on employee wellness will see returns of $3-$6 for each dollar spent. Those odds beat anything you can get on Wall Street!


Your employees keep your business running, and if they are happy, your business will run better. Offering simple benefits like discounted gym membership or onsite yoga classes can boost employee morale, making your business a happier place for employees, clients, and the employer too.


If your employees are healthy, they are less likely to need sick days and trips to the doctor. Having something as simple as onsite flu shot clinic or a massage chair day can cut seasonal illnesses and reduce stress levels in the workplace. The less your employees get sick, the less they will miss work, and the more productive they will be.

Now that you know investing in employee wellness will pay off for the employer too, you might want to know what the best employee wellness programs are. Here are a few wellness programs any business can introduce into their workplace.

Free or Discounted Gym Membership is a great way to start. Encourage your employees to hit the gym by giving them membership to a nearby gym.

Offer some On-Site Fitness Classes. Whether you prefer yoga, Pilates, aerobics, or something else entirely, offering a class a few times a week can be a great way for your employees to bond with each other. This will not only help them get along, but raise their productivity as a team as well.

Bring in a masseuse for some in-office massages at least once a month. Your employees will appreciate that you have their wellness in mind and even a ten minute neck rub can help a stressed employee regain his/her composure.

Create an annual flu shot clinic in one of your conference rooms. Flu shots can make the difference between an employee missing a week of work or showing up on time every day without a problem. This is one of the best investments a company can make!

Choosing the right health and wellness programs for your company depends on what you want to spend and what your employees are looking for. Choose the program that is best for your company.

About the author:  Mike Walters is a writer for Engagement Health, LLC.  When he isn’t busy writing or review employee wellness programs, he likes to spend his free time his with dog and his girlfriend Sue.

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