Power foods are foods that supply additional strength and have the ability to do more good for your body and overall health than any
other foods. These power foods;

• Are the richest in amount of nutrients, highest in fiber,
antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
• The least amount of calories.
• Lower in fat.
• Helps in creating stronger bones and fewer fractures.
• Have the most health benefits.
• Decrease risk of heart disease, cancer and strokes.

Nothing is more important than good health. We need to eat in order
to live, so food is very important. The food we eat makes up the
building materials for growth and repair of our bodies. It also supplies
the energy that our bodies need to function properly. The best way
to get the nutrients that your body needs is from whole-based foods.
Foods the way nature prepared them are nutritionally balanced.

If your body does not get the proper whole food nutrition it needs, it
simply cannot be healthy, if you take steps toward a diet based upon
power foods, your physical health will improve.

The typical diet in North America is often referred to as the Standard
American Diet (SAD). The SAD diet is a diet consisting of chemically
engineered foods that are processed, refined, and concentrated. It
is high in salt, sugar, fat, protein, and calories, and low in fiber and
essential nutrients.

The SAD diet is linked to multiple diseases. Research studies show
that populations who are on the SAD diet die from more heart disease,
diabetes, strokes, and cancer of the colon, breast, lungs, and prostate
than other groups of people. These lifestyle-related illnesses cause the
greatest amount of deaths in North America!

Before 1900, the typical American diet consisted of foods grown in
local gardens and farms. Families ate freshly cooked food and baked
their own bread. Meat came from barnyard animals and range-
fed cattle. After World War I, cardiovascular disease became more
common. More and more families could afford to eat meat more
often. At the same time, the food industry was beginning to produce
more highly processed foods on a larger scale. Another large problem
we have today is that our American lifestyle has become hectic and
over scheduled that families no longer have the time to make their
own meals from scratch. Fast foods have become a necessity and an

accepted norm in most families.

Everything comes with a price. The price we are paying for these
unhealthy convenience foods is damage to our health and the health
of our family. I want to teach you ways of implementing whole-based
foods into your healthy lifestyle that are tasty and easy to prepare.