1. Artificial Sweeteners. Stick to real sweeteners but limit your intake.

2. Chemical Preservatives. Eat Fresh food, the type of food we offer in our Meal Plan.

3. Unnatural Flavor Enhancers, Beware they are in almost every Prepackaged food.

4. Artificial Colors.

5. Blue No.1

6. Blue No. 2

7.Citrus Red No.2

8. Green No.3

9.Red No.3

10. Red No.40

11.Yellow No.5

12.Yellow No.6.

Remember if Mother Nature does not color your food naturally it is done by some person in the food industry. One easy way to avoid these products is to shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, they have promised not to carry any products containing artificial colors.

13.Chemical Stabilizers. Gives shelf life to food, they are in food mixes, such as add-milk only pudding mix. Forget those mixes make it from scratch.

14.Gums-in candy, cheese, dough, drinks, pudding, ice cream and salad dressing.

15. Potassium Bromate: Bread dough This has been banned in certain countries but not ours! It has been linked to cancer in animal studies.

16.Olestra- “light food products”

17., such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA),

18. Sodium Nitrate

19. Propyl Gallate

20. Partially Hydrogenated Oil







reference: Mother Earth

For More Information: CSPI Chemical Cuisine