Top 10 Reasons to Shop at a Farmers Market

One of my favorite places to shop!

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What is a farmers market?

A place where local farmers or growers gather to sell their goods directly to the public. It can be held indoors, outside, only during certain months, or year-round. Interests include fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, herbs, baked goods, jams, flowers, and other homemade or hand-crafted items.

Along similar lines, you can also obtain local goods from farm stands, natural foods co-ops, pick-your-own farms, natural foods stores, and farm CSA (community-supported agriculture) programs.

Farmer’s markets are easy to find.

1. Produce at a Farmers Market is fresher because most were picked within hours of arriving.

Several studies have shown that the average distance food travels from farm to plate is 1,500 miles. In a week-long (or more) delay from harvest to the dinner table, sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and produce loses vitality. As a result, food at the Market is picked at its height of freshness. It is crisp, sweet, and loaded with flavor. Children and adults delight in eating a tree-ripened peach or a vine-ripened tomato.

2. Studies show that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly.

The fresh-picked food that tastes so delicious is more nutritious as well. Freshly picked, ripe food is at its peak in flavor and nutrition. Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

3. SNAP and WIC cards are accepted at most farmer’s markets.

4. You can try a new fruit or vegetable!

Have you ever tasted kohlrabi? Many farmers’ markets offer lesser-known fruits and vegetables, providing a variety that can be both tasty and nutritious. In addition, you will find a large selection and unique types of foods not found in supermarkets.

5. Farmers often have good recommendations on ways to prepare their products.

6. Eat healthier foods.

Create a healthy plate with goodies from your local farmer’s Market. Visit different booths to pick up seasonal fruits and vegetables and local dairy, grain, and protein products to build your healthy plate.

7. You’re investing in and strengthening the economy of your community.

The United States is rapidly losing farmland. Shopping at a Farmer’s Market allows local farmers to sell their products directly to the consumer. Buying your food now from a farmer helps them continue farming. Farmers’ markets can be important anchors for vibrant communities. Meet your local farmers, learn about foods grown in your area, and catch up with friends and neighbors while stocking up on local goods. Supporting your local farmers’ Market strengthens your community. You’re helping to preserve local farms and farmland…

8. It’s a great way to get your kids involved. Let them pick something new to try; then, they can help prepare a meal or snack.

9. You’re reducing environmental impact, fewer transportation costs and pollution, little to no packaging, and you’re cutting out the “middlemen.

10. You should know your food (where it’s from, who grew it, and how).

Farmers’ markets are (generally) more affordable and of higher quality than supermarkets (it’s challenging to compare local food with supermarket food in terms of prices alone—you need to consider quality, nutrient availability, environmental impact, growing, processing, and storing methods).
It is a great learning experience for you and your family, an opportunity to talk to the farmers, learn new recipes or techniques, and try fresh foods.

Shopping at farmers’ markets supports local farmers and keeps the money you spend closer to your neighborhood.



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