The Superhero of the School Year

This one habit can make the entire school year manageable.

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Yep, it’s that time of the year; the school year’s return brings a dizzying blend of activities, assignments, early mornings, and sometimes chaotic evenings. My kids are grown, but I can still relate! Yes, the picture is about twenty years old! -yikes.

As parents, we want to simplify our daily routine and ensure that our kiddos receive nutritious meals that fuel their active minds and bodies.

Enter the superhero of the school season: Meal Planning.

I have ALWAYS been a fan of meal planning; here are some reasons why I love it:

1. Nutritional assurance, even on the busy nights

When you’re caught in the throes of a busy school week, it’s tempting to go for quick, processed foods. With a meal plan, you can design a week’s worth of healthy meals, ensuring your child gets the balanced nutrition they need.

2. Cost-effective

Spontaneous meal decisions often lead to last-minute grocery trips or ordering take-out. Planning allows you to buy in bulk, take advantage of sales, and reduce the likelihood of buying unnecessary items.

3. Time Saver

Sure, maybe on weekends you have to set aside time for meal planning BUT, knowing what’s on the menu means you can prep some ingredients ahead of time. I would panic around dinner time, so imagine not scouring the fridge at 6 pm, wondering what to cook, but having everything ready to assemble or heat. The time saved can be used for homework help, relaxation, or family activities, or taking a bath.

4. No more decision fatigue at 6 pm

The dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” disappears with meal planning. No more evening decision fatigue. When everything is mapped out, you can approach meal times with ease.

5. Involves the Whole Family

Meal planning can be a family activity. When my kids were growing up, every Tuesday was kids’ night. That meant they chose a meal to plan and cook. It was fun and I strongly believe that is the reason my kids cook incredible meals today and are healthy eaters. This involvement can also make them more eager to eat, knowing they have a say in the menu.

6. Decreases Food Waste

When you have a plan, you buy only what you need. This reduces the chances of ingredients going bad in the fridge before you use them. I love leftovers, but I hate throwing out food

7. Consistency in Routine

Kids thrive on routine. Having consistent meal times and knowing what to expect can provide comfort and structure in their day.

8. Diversity in Meals

A common pitfall many families face is getting stuck in a rut of the same meals. Planning allows you to rotate dishes, introducing your family to various foods and cuisines.

Meal planning as the school season picks up isn’t just about food. It’s about creating a harmonious balance in the family’s routine. The effort put into planning pays off in dividends of time, health, money, and peace of mind. So, grab that calendar and start mapping out delicious, nutritious meals that will power your family through the academic year!

Take a look at my meal-planning journal!

Happy planning, and have a great school year!

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