Have you ever heard of sprouts?

A sprout is a young growth, or shoot, from a seed. The taste and texture of sprouts vary depending on the bean. With only a few exceptions, all bean sprouts contain the same basic nutrients but not the same amounts.

All types of bean sprouts are excellent sources of nutrition.

The caloric value of sprouts is very low, so it is safe to say you won’t be gaining weight from sprouts. Bean sprouts are a great source of vitamin C, and they are also a good source of eight vitamin Bs. Their protein values range from three grams (mung sprouts) to 13 grams (soybean sprouts). This makes them a good source of protein because three grams represents 6 percent, and 13 grams equals 26 percent of the recommended daily value (DV). They’re all low in total fat and carbohydrates. Lentil and soybean sprouts provide higher amounts of most minerals: iron (18 and 12 percent DV), magnesium (9 and 18 percent DV), phosphorus (17 and 16 percent DV), and potassium (9 percent DV).
Many bean seeds can be germinated and sprouts harvested, including kidney, navy, pinto, mung, lentil, and soybeans.

Add sprouts to almost anything: