Every December 31, we write down a list of New Year’s resolutions. The top resolutions for the past 20 years are the same resolutions people are making today:

Lose weight
Exercise more
Stress less
Make more money/spend less money
Sleep more

Sound familiar?

One of the main reasons why New Year resolutions do not last is because they are Zzzzzzzz…BORING and OVERWHELMING.

Instead of entering the new year with the same intentions as the last, why not shift your perspective on your resolutions?

Let’s shift our perspective to a more achievable and favorable resolution. Perspective shifting will allow you to focus on the good, elevate your mood, and bring new creative solutions. Perspective shifting lets you shift from your typical point of view to discover new ways of thinking and understanding.

So instead of promising to “lose weight,” shift your perspective to something more achievable or positive, for example:

The secret to shifting your perspective on your resolutions is to gain clarity around what matters most to move you forward with this goal.

What can make this goal fun? 
This isn’t a nudge to “go for it” on all the big stuff. Instead, it’s an opportunity to play with perspective to gain clarity around what matters most.

Try it with any of your resolutions. Throughout this exercise, you’re asking yourself: What feels most energizing and exciting?

You can take ANY resolution and shift your perspective.

By changing your perspective of your resolutions, you may change your life. It is the tiny behaviors that make a huge difference in your life.

Do you prefer a 30-day challenge instead of a New Year’s Resolution?