What’s the No. 1 excuse for not working out? Lack of time. Sure, we’re all busy handling multiple priorities and rushing around from here and there every day. However, I promise that no matter how busy you are, someone even busier than you are is working out right now. If you look closer, you’ll discover that you do have the time to work out—and you deserve to use that time for yourself.

Squeezing in just a few minutes of physical exercise a day has huge benefits on your health, gives you energy and perks up your mood. In fact, a new study published by The Lancet found that if inactive people increased their physical activity by just 15 minutes per day, they could reduce their risk of premature death by 14% and increase their life expectancy by three years. Also, remember that “working out” doesn’t have to happen in the gym or last for an hour! Short 10-minute bursts of exercise, accumulated over the course of the day, can add up to big fitness and health gains, too.

Here is what some of the Healthiest Families Know for Sure…
Tip #1 Set aside time for exercise every week, because it never happens if left up to chance.
Tip #2 Even 10-minute increments make a difference
Tip #3 Get your kids and partner into the act makes it that much easier. Combine playtime and exercise. Shoot hoops. Kick around a soccer ball. Go bike riding with your kids or have races to see who can make it across the yard fastest.
Tip #4 Make it part of your routine, you brush your teeth don’t you? Are your teeth more important than your heart?
Tip #5 Put on your favorite itunes and dance while you clean the house or make dinner.
Tip #6 Don’t go to lunch with a friend go to a walking trail instead. Save money and burn calories…bonus!!!!
Tip #7 Take up sports as a family. Here at Fit American Families we BELIEVE IN THE FAMILY APPROACH!
Tip #8 Getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning can provide you with some quiet time to exercise before the kids wake up.
Tip #9 Give one exercise-related gift at birthdays and the holidays. Checkout our Fit American Products and Books.
Tip # 10 Make date night start with fitness together. Hit the treadmill, go for a long walk or jog, play tennis, go on a bike ride: Do something you can do with your partner that builds in time together with exercise for you both.Now that’s romantic.