At Cooking Lessons from Home we joyously embrace the benefits of organic living by adopting it as a personal practice, and adhering to it as a professional one. I have a personal commitment to organic agriculture, because of my grandparents. My grandparents from both my mom and dads side were organic farmers. Grandma and Grandpa Walker farmed for a living, everything that was put on our family table came from my grandparents farm or the farmers down the road. To this day I remember the taste of my Grandma Walkers’ Sour Cherry Pie, my grandfather said we were lucky to get those cherries because they let the cherries stay on the tree just until they are ready to burst with juice, but somehow the crows know that too, so they had to lay a net over the tree to keep the birds from eating the cherries, its challenging being an organic farmer.

I believe that when it comes to health and the well being of our communities, organics should be the first and only choice. The benefits of supporting the organic movement and incorporating an organic lifestyle are immeasurable and I have outlined what I believe to be the most crucial issues facing us today. For food, family, and future, I encourage you to be passionately organic and I guarantee it will make you feel good all over.


Farmer’s Markets open across the USA in the month of May. Please support our Farmer’s who support our Health.