Taken from- Family Games. The Best in Family Game Night, Amazon 2013

Equipment Needed: Badminton set

I always thought badminton was a sissy sport until I saw it professionally played in Montreal. It is a sport that requires power, finesse speed, and strategy

You can set up a badminton net and a simple court or playing area in your backyard. The net should measure 5 feet high and the court should measure 40 feet long by 22 feet wide for doubles and 17 feet wide for singles. If you’re playing backyard badminton recreationally rather than competitively, you don’t need a court that fits all the standard badminton court specifications. You can play on any rectangular surface divided in half by a net. To pick the team that goes first, you should toss a coin. The winner can choose whether to serve or receive first or choose which side of the court to play on first. The player who lost the toss gets to make the other choice. Stand in the right service court when you have no points or an even number of points. The right service box lies behind the short service line and to the right of the center service line. Stand in the left service court when you have an odd number of points. The left service box lies behind the short service line and to the left of the center service line. Serve the shuttlecock cross-court to the service court diagonally opposite. Hit the shuttlecock below your waist to serve. Players hit the shuttlecock back and forth over the net to keep it in play. You must hit the shuttlecock before it touches the ground. If you hit the shuttlecock out of bounds, into the net, or under the net, you lose the point. You cannot touch the net or net posts with any part of your body. You cannot reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock. You can win points on your own server and on your opponent’s serve. Play until one player or team wins 21 points to win the game. If two sides tie at 29-all, the side that wins the next point wins the game. Change sides after the end of the first and second games. In the third game, change sides when one player or team wins 11 points. Serve first in the next game if you won the previous game. Play until one player or team wins two games.