My lessons for you are to bring back cooking real foods in your own
home. If we cut back from eating out and fall back in love with eating
at home, we as families have taken back the power and control over
the type of ingredients we feed our families and we have portion
control over the amount our family eats. I believe that cooking
need not be complicated to be fabulous. It takes a relatively small
investment of your time to get used to cooking. Once you make it a
priority, it becomes a quick routine with huge rewards. When you cook
for yourself and your family, you put love into the food, and love into
you. You start feeling better after a single meal. After a day, you will
feel happier and healthier. I will share with you meals that are good
for your body and good for your soul.

Food is fuel that nourishes our bodies and feeds our soul. We should
respect food and the farmer’s who bring the food to our table. Food
brings families and friends together, food is a part of our culture and
if we choose our food wisely, food supports a healthy lifestyle. The
recipes I have selected for you are based upon the most powerful
foods in the world, the foods that provide the richest in nutrients, least
amount in calories, highest in health benefits and decrease your risk of
heart disease for you and your family.