Funny how memories can be triggered by the smell of a great meal, isn’t it?

I used to love when my mom made her homemade meatloaf—it was so tasty and delicious. And I remember when I got older, I’d whip up a batch for my own kids, and they’d always say how much they loved it. But no matter how hard I tried to make it taste like hers, it just never came close.

And then one day… I realized it wasn’t about the ingredients or the recipe: it was about the person who had made it before me. It was the love that went into making that dish, and all the years of experience that went along with it—that’s what made it so special.

So if you’re looking for a way to preserve your family’s history while also giving them something special to share with their grandchildren in years to come, try baking some of your grandma’s famous peanut butter fudge!