Rainbow Slaw

Don’t be fooled by its humble looks. Cabbage is a nutritional powerhouse and a good source of vitamins C and K, among other benefits. Now that it’s in season, the versatile veggie is extra sweet had crunchy.

This slaw is great paired with any protein or tucked into a sandwich.

  • Author: Kim Nicholson



1/4 cup unseasoned rice vinegar

1/4 cup olive oil

Juice from  2 limes

3 Tablespoons granulated sugar

1 tsp. toasted sesame oil


1/4 tsp crushed red pepper

green cabbage

red cabbage

4 Honeycrisp apples, thinly sliced

4 carrots, cut into matchsticks

1 yellow bell pepper

4 scallions

fresh cilantro

1/4 chopped roasted, lightly salted peanuts


Whisk together 1/4 cup each of unseasoned rice vinegar, olive oil, and lime juice; 3 tablespoons granulated sugar, 1 tsp toasted sesame oil; 1 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes in a large bowl.

Stir in 3 cups each thinly sliced green cabbage and red cabbage, 2 cups thinly sliced Honeycrisp apple, 1 cup each matchstick carrots and thinly sliced yellow bell pepper, and 1/2 cup thinly sliced scallions until thoroughly coated.

Stir in 1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro and top with 1/4 cup coarsely chopped roasted, lightly salted peanuts before serving.


The best way to core cabbage is to use a sharp Chef’s knife, split the cabbage in half, and then into quarters. Cut off and discard the core/stem section from each piece. Finally, slice each quarter as desired.

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