Injuries are a part of the game, but what if you could purchase an insurance policy or training that would eliminate future injuries from happening.

Prehab programs range from dynamic warm-ups specific to gender and age to training programs that address specific needs of the individual and sport to recovery protocols that speed the process of the body recovering from training stimulus.

While we realize that you are not able to eliminate all injuries, this type of training has proven to prevent injuries from occurring.

Here are a couple examples from real athletes:

1.  Male, age 13:

Situation: Had a small twinge in his lower back.  Not major, just once in a while.  The normal answer to these pains is to rest for a couple days and then the pain will dissipate.

Process:  After an initial appointment with Dr Sandell from Spine and Sports Institute, the diagnosis was the start of a tropism in his lower back

Solution:  Three appointments with the Doc and a specific flexibility and strength program focusing on his hips and glutes.  Three weeks later… He was pain free and did not miss any practice time or games.

2.  Female, age 14:

Situation:  With continued rise in ACL injuries in females on the radar, an insurance policy of prehab training might be worth the time and expense.

Process: Have her complete an Athlete Functional Test with a sports physician. The test results show that she was quad dominate and has valgus knee.

Solution:  ACL prevention warm-ups and workouts twice a week and then continuing workouts specific to her needs. And best of all, no injuries to date.



Stephen McCarthy, Director of The McCarthy Project, he has worked with over 10000 athletes with an emphasis on the youth athlete. He has researched and developed innovative training techniques for over 10 years. His athletes have received college scholarships and played professionally, as well as, won state championships and national championships. Visit or email me at [email protected]