Few exercise modalities offer such scope for health improvement as yoga. Yoga exquisitely blends techniques that promote muscle tone, flexibility, proper breathing, mental clarity, stress relief, and peace. Yoga was traditionally used as a path to spiritual enlightenment, yoga is valuable to people of all faiths and is practiced more commonly in western society for its physical benefits. However, many people find as they delve deeper into their practice that there is an attraction to explore their mind/body/spirit connection.

Yoga is the perfect exercise for families. There are many different styles and modifications to challenge anyone within your family.

An essential aim of yoga is to harmonize the body and mind through breath and movement. Significant mental focus is required to perform yoga postures, which effectively clears the incessant ‘chatter’ in our minds. The full movement also massages vital organs and promotes detoxification and oxygenation from head to toe.

In addition to general health benefits such as strength, flexibility, and relaxation, yoga can be applied therapeutically. Back pain, arthritis, hypertension, headache, pre-menstrual tension, and asthma can be improved under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher. An advantage of yoga is that people of all ages and fitness levels can work at their individual intensity to attain benefit. The emphasis is not on what you can do, but rather on how you do it and how often you practice. Results are surprisingly swift to manifest and people soon feel lighter, happier, and healthier.