Play is the best way to keep kids fit! Actually play is the best way for adults to stay fit too! Kids are naturally playful and when you join the fun with them it creates close family ties and your bodies stay fit too!
Here is a Family Game from my latest book, Family Games, The Best in Family Game Night!
Getting Crabby
Equipment Needed: None
The object of this game is to make the other team touch their bottom to the ground. I love this game because it strengthens the upper and lower body and it makes you laugh.
Divide the players into two teams. Crab position: Start by sitting on your bottom, place your arms behind your bottom and feet flat in front of your bottom with knees bent, now lift one leg off the floor and into the air. This position is maintained supported by at least 3 extremities, while each player tries to make the team members of the opposite team touch their rear to the ground, at which point they win. If your bottom touches the ground you are out. The team or player who is left is not crabby or is the winner!

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Enjoy!family_game_night (1)