Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in both men and women. Statistics from the American Heart Association show that one woman every minute dies from heart disease in the U.S.

Women need to know that they often have heart disease symptoms that differ from men’s.

Women vs. Men

Women have smaller hearts and narrower blood vessels, so heart disease can progress differently than it does for men.

Women are more likely to have cholesterol build-up in the smallest blood vessels, while men typically develop plaque build-up in the largest arteries that supply blood to the heart.

The wider range of warning signs often leads to misdiagnoses or dismissal of women’s symptoms.

Common Symptoms for Men and Women

Additional Symptoms Commonly Experienced by Women

Know your symptoms:

Explain them to your doctor

Education about symptoms and causes could save your life; high blood pressure and cholesterol are significant risk factors for heart attacks and strokes.