What can improve your mood, boost your ability to fend off infection, and lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and several types of cancer?

The answer is exercise. No big surprise, right? But, the rest of the solution is EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Yes, the one thing you can do every day to live a healthier life is exercise…7 days a week.

I can hear you now, “Now hold on, missy, I was under the impression that we should only exercise 3-5 times a week.” Let me explain; there are several components to exercise; most people think of exercise as cardio or aerobic exercise, but there are other components to exercise you may not have thought about, and they are

It may seem too good to be true, but it’s not. Hundreds of studies demonstrate that exercise helps you feel better and live longer.

Exercise is often associated with losing weight, but it is more than just working to lose a few pounds. Exercising a few times a week can improve your overall health and well-being. Not all exercises give the same results because specific exercises focus on different body parts. Exercise and physical activity can be classified into four categories: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Each type of exercise is different. However, many activities fit into more than one category. It is common for people to focus on training or conditioning, but including all four types of exercise in your workout will give you more benefits.

The CDC recommends that, for healthy aging, adults 65 years or older who are generally fit and have no health conditions that limit their activity should engage in one of three variations of exercise per week: Two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and at least two days of muscle-strengthening exercises, one to two days of stretching and balance exercises.

Aging is inevitable, but growing old and feeble doesn’t have to be a part of your life. You have a lot of power when it comes to how you age, from your heart to your bones. The power comes from the choices you make on a daily basis, from the foods you eat and the amount and type of exercises you do, it all has an effect on how fast or slow your body ages,
The good news is, it is NEVER too late to start.

Be sure to consult your medical professional before beginning any exercise program.