Lemon water, lemon shrimp, lemon sorbet, lemon meringue pie, lemon bread, lemonade, limoncella, lemon dressing, lemon bars, lemon cake, lemon sugar cookies, green beans and lemons, lemon scones, okay….I think you get my point! Arguably the most versatile of all fruits, the lemon contains a wealth of health-enhancing properties.

Like other citrus fruits, lemons are powerhouses of antioxidant vitamin C which helps boost the immune system, assist the healing of wounds, and strengthens the walls of blood capillaries. The high level of vitamin C means it is also good for healthy skin, and gums.

Here are the other outstanding qualities of a lemon:

The health-giving benefits of lemons can be utilized in many ways, from flavoring drinks and foods, from baked goods to sauces, lemon juice can be sprinkled onto peeled fruit, such as apples and banana’s to stop them from browning, and the fruits zest and pith can be added to stews and soups to give the dish extra nutrients.