I started Cooking Lessons from Home, our Meal Planning Service (part of Fit American Families, Healthy Lifestyle Package) back in 2008. It started off as just a way to send healthy recipes to my kids, one was away in school in California and the other was away in school in Montreal. I tried to raise my children on healthy foods throughout their childhood, but when it came time for them to leave our home, their nutritional intake was at the mercy and hope of a school meal program and of course like any other college student…fast food. One day my oldest son, called me from the freezer section of the grocery store asking me what he can make that was healthy. That’s when it all began for me. I knew all of those years preparing healthy foods for my kids would pay off. I am a natural born planner, I always have been so it is so easy for me to spend a few hours planning and thinking about what’s in season, what our family schedule is for the upcoming week, budgets, and colors in a meal. So I began to send recipes, and a meal plan for the week. My little meal plan has now organically grown in to a Professional Meal Planning Service, even though there are thousands of subscribers, each weeks  meal plan is still carefully thought out by my staff and I. We plan our meals based upon the season, we work with farmers in the south, the mid west and the northeast to ensure that no matter where your family is, you can receive only the top 200 most nutrient dense recipes in your home. My mission is to eliminate or reduce the amount of prepackaged, industrialized foods and use recipes that real and whole, each meal you receive is designed with the homecook in mind and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. My goal is to bring families back home to eat.