My friend Veronique is this week’s motivation for working out.

My friend Veronique is one of the busiest people I know; she runs her hair salon, where she spends about 70 hours a week, and she also takes care of her now-single father daily. She told me she runs three miles daily and hasn’t skipped a single one in over a year. So I dared her by asking whether she ran in the rain, and she responded yes. I also wondered if she ran in the snow, and she said yes to both of those.

Most of us will stop running if it starts raining, especially snowing. But, when I asked her how she managed to keep running consistently, she answered, “My mom made me.” She went on to say that years ago, Veronique’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and that during her treatment, Veronique drove her to chemo and radiation appointments, cooked for her, and cleaned the house. Then her mother gave her a single, unbreakable request: to run every day.

Veronique’s mom was a runner before she started chemotherapy for cancer, but she lost all of her strength and requested her daughter to run in her place. Even though her mother passed away a few years ago, Veronique continues to honor her memory by running in her honor daily.