On my radio podcast yesterday I spoke on the topic of House Rules. After taking a poll for the past 5 weeks, here are some of your suggestions for House Rules! To hear the full broadcast click on the Blogcast Radio button on the Home page.

House rules relieve everyday stress. Establishing a clearly defined set of house rules makes it easier for your children to align their behavior with your expectations. Everyone needs to know the guidelines and the basic policies under which they are operating. The relational skills your kids learn at home—respecting others’ feelings and their property—will make it easier for them to form healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, their spouses, co-workers, and relationships in the future.

Establish rules as a family. Keep them posted so everyone can see them. Everyone must abide by them, including parents. Establish reward & consequence system. Stay steadfast on rules, no matter how much they may whine…don’t give in, this will only teach them if you whine loud and long enough I will cave-in and give you what you want…

here are some of the Rules American Families have in their household;

Treat one another as you’d like to be treated.
Use an “indoor voice” when we’re inside.
Respect each other’s space. Everyone needs a degree of privacy.
Ask if you want to borrow something.
Use “walking feet” in the house.
Use your manners.
Do your best.
Tell the truth.
Treat each other with respect.
Take responsibility for our own actions and words. There is no excuse for poor behavior, a poor response, or blaming someone else for our problem.
Discuss your problems with parents.
Respect each other’s property. Ask permission to use something that doesn’t belong to you.
Do what Mom and Dad say the first time, without complaining or throwing a fit!
Ask permission before you go somewhere.
Put things away that you take out.
Look for ways to be kind and helpful to each other.
No name calling, or making unkind, cutting remarks to each other.
Make a list of the names and negative phrases you would like to eliminate from your family’s vocabulary: “shut up” “dummy,” “stupid,” “punk, “I don’t like you,” “You make me sick.”
Ask forgiveness we they have hurt or offended someone, even if it was an accident.
Keep confidential what we share with each other. Family members need to know they can trust each other.
Everyone who lives under the roof of a house should help with the upkeep.
Turn off electronic devices for a certain amount of time every day and connect as a family.
Rinse your dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher.
Everyone is responsible for his or her own laundry.
No leaving wet towels or dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. Clean up the tub or shower after yourself.
Let others know in advance if you need to watch (or record) a certain TV program for work or school. Check with others before you play loud music. If you need to leave a project out overnight in a common area, get approval before you begin.
Take thorough phone messages for each other.
In every room: make sure your trash is in the trash can.
Giving House Rules a try in your home
What are some of YOUR HOUSE RULES?