Great Finds at the Farmers Market!

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There is so much more to a farmers market than just great food! I wanted to share with you some of my finds:

Suzie Q’s Corner: Bolga Baskets are made by women in the villages of Bolgatanga, Ghana to help support their families during the “hunger Season”. They are governed by Fair Trade.

These beautiful baskets are made from Elephant grass aand are a GREEN item. Elephant grass grows wild and is harvested, split, twisted , dried and then woven by the women of the villages. The men primarily tan the goat hides and work the leather on the handles. The weavers of the “Bolga Baskets” are mostly farm families, and have been weaving and selling these handcrafted baskets for generations.

The special weaving of thse baskets makes them strong and flexible. You can reshape or wash the baskets by wetting them with water and shaping them with your hands. Rewetting the basket every now and then extends the natural fibers life.


I use mine when I go to the Farmers Market and the Grocery Stores!

For more information on these beautiful baskets go contact

[email protected]

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