Exercising With A Cold?

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Last week I came down with a bad cold, the kind of cold in which you can’t identify which symptom is worse coughing, runny nose, or the overall feeling of “blah.” I have always had this rule of thumb when exercising when you are sick; “if the cold is just in your head, you can exercise lightly, but if it’s in your chest…time to rest.” So, taking my own advice, I decided to rest (well, most days), but I did find that while I spent a lot of time resting, I did some simple, easy stretches to my day, and to my delight, it helped on the muscle fatigue I was experiencing. It’s always important to listen to your own body signals, but if you can next time you find yourself in bed with a cold, add a little stretching to your cold it just might make you feel a little better! Of course, it is always best to ask your medical doctor.


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