Keep a shopping list of all the items you need for your apartment. Keep the list in a place that you can find it easily so you can write down more items during the week. Think about what menu’s you are planning for the week, my suggestion is to look at my past blogs and write down the items you need from that recipe. Categorize your items so you can find them easier in the grocery store. For example, almost every grocery store has produce in one section, canned vegetable in another, meat  and seafood department, cleaning supplies etc., When I go to the market, I shop the perimeter of the store first, that is where all the fresh produce, meat, chicken, seafood, deli department, cheese, olives…will be. Then I look at my shopping list and I only go down the aisles in which I have something I need from that aisle. This way it prevents me from shopping for items I do not need.

Here are other rules to shop by;

1.  Never go to the market when you are hungry, you will buy food you do not need.

2.  Look at the weekly flyers to see if any of the items you need are on that list. Don’t fall into their advertising hypnosis and buy stuff just because it’s on sale, you can waste a lot of money this way.

3.  Go with your  weekly plan of menu’s in mind.

4.  Always take your reusable grocery bags with you, we don’t need to fill up our landfills with plastic bags, so keep your reusable bags in the trunk of your car or in your front hall closet so you remember to take them with you.

I hope this helps!