Teach your kids about the health benefits of Ginger.

Most of you have a powerful spice in your home and you probably don’t use it enough, a staple in most of our pantries is ginger.  For more than 4000 years, cultures have utilized the healing properties of ginger to provide healing relief to various health issues.  Its has been used to treat motion sickness, arthritis, migraines and many other ailments.

Ginger originated from India, China but it is also native to Africa and the West Indies. It is believed that ginger was brought to Europe between the 10th and 15th centuries as a condiment and a spice.

Ginger is related to the onions and celery. Slice a piece of ginger and let your kids smell its beautiful smell, then compare the fresh ginger root to powdered ginger.

Nutritional Facts :

Ginger is in a group of plant chemicals called xanthines that have potent anti-inflammatory properties.  And you know that excess inflammation in the body is a source of most chronic disease, including heart disease, Alzheimers,  obesity, type 2 diabetes  some cancers and even wrinkling. Ginger can also boost your immune system and combat viral infections.

Here are some ways to bring Ginger in to your diet.

Chop or grate fresh ginger in your stir fry’s, salad dressing, vegetables chicken, or seafood. ( In our Meal Plans each week we include uses for ginger.)

Drink freshly brewed tea steeped along with a thumbnail piece of chopped ginger daily.

Eat pickled ginger, straight from the jar! It freshens your breath too:)

Dried powdered is even more potent than fresh and can be used in cooking or sprinkled directly onto foods.

Mix it with carrots, celery.

Mix ginger with cream cheese and spread over crackers

Make ginger ice cream, one of my favorites!!!!!

Check out in the recipe section of FAF: Ginger Soup it is real and good!