Throughout your life, your skin will constantly change for better or worse. One of the skin challenges is dry and flaky skin. But good news, it is an easy fix.


Why does your skin become dull and flaky?

Your skin will regenerate approximately every 27 days, and the old dry, dead skin cells build up over time and causes the surface of the skin to become dull and flaky. The dry skin needs to be removed to allow new, glowing cells to come forward. One of the best ways to eliminate dry skin is dry brushing.


Dry brushing is a relatively new trend today, and it has its roots in ancient times.

Dry brushing is a type of Ayurvedic medicine that has been around for centuries. Many cultures, including the ancient Greeks and Japanese, have used skin brushing to cleanse and beautify the skin. Dry brushing is using a natural fiber brush over dry skin. The gentle friction will remove the dead skin cells and increase your circulation to promote blood flow, and will help improve the texture of the skin. However, there is little data to support the benefits of dry brushing.


Some of the benefits may include:


Stimulates the lymphatic system: Dry brushing is thought to help the body release toxins through sweat. This is because the coarse bristles on the brush stimulate the pores and open them up. This makes it easier for the body to sweat, reducing the number of toxins flowing through the lymphatic system.

Exfoliation: The coarse bristles can brush dry, dead cells from the skin, which can leave your skin more smooth and soft.

Relaxation: Like a massage, dry brushing may make you feel relaxed.

Cellulite: Some claim that dry brushing can reduce the appearance of cellulite because it has similar effects on the body as massage. However, there’s no scientific data to support this theory.

If you have any skin conditions, check with your doctor first.

There is little harm in practicing dry brushing, but never dry brush over eczema, psoriasis, rashes, wounds, sunburn, or irritations. You could introduce bacteria to the damaged skin, leading to infection. If you have thin and crepey skin, dry brush your skin with a light touch once every two to three weeks. It is always best to check with your doctor first before dry brushing.


How to dry brush:
  1. Buy a firm, natural-bristle brush. See my favorite brushes below.
  2. Take about three minutes to dry-brush your whole body, and you can include your face, neck, and decollete with the facial brush below.
  3. Apply enough pressure to stimulate circulation, but not so much that it hurts.
  4. Important tip: Brush upward (always toward the heart). The theory behind brushing toward the heart is that by making long, sweeping strokes in the direction of the heart, you are working with the body’s lymph flow. The lymphatic system, which helps to rid the body of toxins and waste, only travels in one direction, up toward the neck.
  5. Start at your feet and move upwards. Watch my video’s on dry brushing for the body and dry brushing for the face.


I recommend dry brushing no more than once a week in the winter and two times per week in the spring, summer, and fall. And don’t forget to wash your dry brush with mild soap once a month to get rid of all of that dead skin buildup.


How long does it take to get results from dry brushing?

You will see an immediate result of glowing skin after you dry brush and add your lotions and essential oils to your skin. According to several reviews studies, people aged between 8 and 16 treatments saw a significant cellulite reduction over several weeks.


Do I have to shower after dry body brushing? 

No, you don’t have to shower after dry body brushing unless you’d like to, so you can do it any time of day. It is easy to incorporate dry brushing into your routine before a shower or bath or when you’re changing in the morning or evening.


Dry brushing aftercare:

I highly recommend using a good body lotion. I also add a few drops of essential oil with my lotion to give my skin that extra hydration. You can use any oil; I have posted my favorites below.


Other ways to get your glow on:

Stay hydrated. We tend to drink less water during winter because we are more likely to drink hot beverages instead. However, coffee and tea are not enough to keep our bodies hydrated. When we are dehydrated on the inside, it also shows on the outside, which is on our skin. So make sure to stay on your six to eight glasses of water per day. If you want a hot drink, opt for a cup of hot water with some lemon instead to keep you warm, fuzzy, but still hydrated.

Wear sunscreen every day, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your ears, lips, hands, neck, and chest.



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Sisal Brush

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ROSENA Natural Bristle Spa Kit

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Cliganic Rosehip, Lavender, and Frankincense Essential Oils


My favorite essential oils: I use three of the Cliganic essential oils (Rosehip, Lavender, and Frankincense); they are USDA Certified Organic Essential Oil – the strict oversight of USDA ensures the integrity of these Essential Oils. In other words, it is 100% organic. Just add a few drops in your hands and massage over your body, or add a few drops to your favorite body lotion.



Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Hydrating Lotion

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