A vacuum food saver has changed my life. No joke, you can use food saver ANYTHING from fresh strawberries, avocados,s,  bananas, blueberries, popcorn, bread, chips, fish, meat, soup…yes, I said soup, chili, baby food, cheese, dessert, cookies, deli meat, flour, sugar-especially brown sugar, seasonings, fresh herbs, whole grains, bread crumbs, oils, pasta – cooked pasta too, lettuce, croutons, salad dressing, mushrooms, zucchini, corn, shrimp, marinated meats, chicken, ribs, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, sauce, pancakes, waffles, crepes, donuts, brownies, I have yet to find any food I couldn’t vacuum save.

We like to do extensive meal preps on Sunday and then vacuum seal them in portion sizes to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinners throughout the week. It makes meals & meal prep a great way to prepare for our busy weeks. Meals prepared ahead in portions for the whole family or just one or two save time and hassle.

When our kids go off and live on their own, they get a food saver!

Food Saver