Ever stop to think about how things have evolved in our food world?

We’ve reached a point where processed foods, loaded with sugars, unhealthy fats, and artificial additives have become the norm.

So, isn’t it ironic that when we make a conscious decision to eat REAL food – fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins – it’s often labeled as ‘going on a diet’?

Have you noticed how the grocery stores are loaded with with colorful packages, sugary delights, and processed convenience, this paint a vivid picture of our modern food landscape. Yet, if you take a moment to step back, a rather peculiar phenomenon emerges, now ask yourself…

How did we reach a point where consuming natural, whole foods is considered a “diet”, while the norm has become filling our plates and bellies with junk?

The Allure of Junk Food

Evolutionarily speaking, humans are predisposed to crave calorie-dense foods, especially those high in sugar, salt, and fat. In times of scarcity, these foods provided the necessary energy to survive. Fast forward to today, and the same instincts drive us to the cookie jar, even when we’re not facing starvation. The food industry, aware of these preferences, cleverly markets these products to maximize profit, often at the expense of our health.

The Real Food “Diet”

With the increase numbers in lifestyle-related diseases, many have started to turn their attention to healthier eating patterns. Terms like “clean eating”, “paleo”, and “whole foods diet” have become buzzwords. It’s a positive sign that many are taking charge of their health. Still, it’s ironic that what was once our default way of eating now requires a special term or label.

Shifting Our Perspective: Reclaiming Real Food

To reverse this paradox and bring real food back to the mainstream, here are some strategies to consider:

Check out my Instagram page where I encourage and share recipes on how  to prepare meals, use fresh ingredients and understand what goes into our food.

Accessibility to fresh produce – go to farmers’ markets, and support local farming initiatives to make fresh produce easily available and affordable, you will find me every weekend at some farmer’s market.

I would love to encourage all of us to take a mindful eating approach, where we pay attention to the flavors, textures, and effects of food on ou body. This can naturally lead to healthier choices.

It may seem odd that in a world abundant with food choices, we’ve somewhat lost our way. But recognizing this irony is the first step to recalibrating our food culture. By collectively valuing and promoting the virtues of real food, we can hopefully reach a point where reaching for an apple over a candy bar is the norm, and not an act of diet defiance.

Let’s bring back the joy of nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods, foods that our ancestors would recognize, and foods that the Earth gifts us in its purest form. Let’s make real food the ‘norm’ and not just a trend.

Challenge yourself to see the beauty in nature’s bounty, and remember: you’re not on a diet, you’re just eating the way nature intended.