It’s the small things in life that become bigger in time.

What are some of the small things in your life that you will treasure forever?

My sons laugh.

The way my kids tease me…all the time!

Watching my baby sleep.

My husbands kiss.

The way my pups get so excited to see me even if I only went out to the mailbox.

Fresh baked bread.

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies…and a glass of ice cold milk.

Our prayers before bed.

Taking a walk as a family.

Family dinners together.

Holidays in Aspen.

Picking apples from an apple orchard in the fall.

Farmer’s Markets.

My children taking a bubble bath.

Playing the game twister with my kids.

family picnics.

Visiting grandparents.

Looking at old family photo albums.

Hearing my grandson call me “Grandpa.”

My daughter as she swings on the swing set.

My daughter playing dress up.

The smile on my sons face when he learned to ride a bicycle with no training wheels.

My sons as he helps me bake cookies.

Reading a book at night with my children as I tuck them in to bed.

Being the first one up and watching the sun rise.

Watching my kids get off the school bus and running home.

The smell of my baby after a bath.

Amazing Grace being sung in church.

The way my cat uses her paws to brush my hair.