Beef Stroganoff Dinner

Here is a great meal to put into your slow cooker in the morning, and when you come home, just make egg noodles according to the package, rice, or potatoes.

  • Author: Kim Nicholson



Sirloin steak in strips or chunks, buy about 1lb. to 1.5lb.

1 can French Onion soup

1 can Golden Cream of Mushroom

1 cup Red wine or Marsala Wine,

5 peppercorns, or just add a few shakes from your pepper mill.

You can add carrots, onions, and potatoes too.


Put the ingredients into your slow cooker, and set the timer.

When it’s finished, you can thicken the sauce by adding Wondra (Like a cornstarch or flour mixture you find in the grocery store) You don’t have to, only if you want the sauce to be not so runny.

Serve on egg noodles, pasta, or rice!

This is wonderful as a leftover as well.

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