In addition to cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility, balance plays a significant role in overall health.

People often overlook balance training when creating a fitness regimen because they don’t realize the advantages of balance training. For example, if you’re doing yoga or ice skating, it’s crucial to be able to manage your body’s posture, whether it be a stationary or dynamic stance. 

Getting out of a chair, leaning down to tie your shoes, and walking all require good balance, even if you don’t think about it. It all depends on having strong muscles and keeping your body in a stable position.

Good news: Balance is a taught talent that can be mastered at any age, and it’s a function that can be improved and is a crucial ability to master. 

There are various ways to perform balance exercises. Improving your balance can also help you accomplish your daily activities like standing on tiptoes to reach something on the top shelf, walking up and down the stairs, or walking on an uneven sidewalk without falling.

Practicing and improving balance is essential for older adults because it can strengthen the body’s core and help prevent falls. Here are some good balance exercises:

heel-to-toe walking

standing on one foot

sitting down in a chair, and standing up without using your hands

see how long you can stand on one foot or hold for 10 seconds on each side

alternate knee lifts while walking

You can do balance exercises as often as you’d like, even every day.