Once we reach 40 years old, our bodies require less food.

Train yourself to eat less. We literally have to put on blinders to our American culture of over-consumption.  When you’re eating out, evaluate your plate before you dig in and separate a smaller portion to eat, the rest to take home for other meals.

STEPS IN REDUCING FOOD INTAKE (This does not apply to anyone who may or has an eating disorder)

1. Start by removing 10% of the food you normally put on your plate.

2. Chew food slowly, be mindful when you eat.

3.Don’t drink anything when you eat. Your body does not need the liquids at this time. Drink an hour before you eat and an hour after you eat. This will also help in the digestive process.

4. Wait 20 minutes before you add anymore food to your plate.

5. Ask yourself if you are hungry or are you thirsty? Thirst can disguise itself as hunger at times.

6. Don’t chew gum, your body thinks it is preparing for food and your stomach will growl when it hasn’t received any food.

7. Go for a walk. Sometimes we think when we are hungry and really we need fresh air or we are just bored.

8. Talk to someone, get your mind off of your cravings, in 10 minutes the cravings will go away.

9. Think of a piece of citrus fruit. Smell it in your mind, feel it in your mind, taste it in your mind.

10. Eat a piece of fruit that is high in fiber, like an apple, it will give you the feeling of being full.


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